Nur die Kunst und die Wissenschaft erhöhen den Menschen bis zur Gottheit.
... Wahre Kunst bleibt unvergänglich.
 (Beethoven, 1770-1827)

Sinzheimer, Max

*1894/6/20 @ D - HS - Frankfurt/Main
†1977/10/16 @ USA

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Biographisches etc.:

Werkverzeichnis(se) etc.:

Einstimmige Gemeindegesänge (1930)
Ma nishtanah (1957) = The four questions
Israeli melody [voice/piano]
edited by Hyman Reznick, arranged by M. Sinzheimer
Song of Dedication (Psalm 30) (1966)
[mixed chorus/tenor or soprano solo/organ]
Cantate Domino (Psalm 98) (1967)
[SATB, accompanied, with solo]
Blessed are those who fear the Lord (Psalm 128)
A chorale paraphrase (1968) [medium voice/organ]
Song of songs 8. 5-7 (1969)
"Set me as a seal on your heart"
A wedding song [medium voice/piano (or organ)]
The song of Mary (1972) [unison choir or solo voice/organ and optional woodwinds]
A Festival anthem (1973)
"And I will betroth thee forever"
in: Synagogue music collection, Marriage service : Park Avenue Synagogue, New York, N.Y. : manuscripts, black-line prints, 1892-1976
The 23rd Psalm (1974) [(SATB) mixed chorus with three recorders (and optional organ, for use only if no recorder group is available)]
Psalm 133 (1975) [(SATB) mixed chorus/organ]
"How good and how pleasant it is, brothers dwelling in unity!"
The great light (1976)
[unison chorus (mixed voices)/organ]
I will betroth you to me for ever (1977)
[tenor or mezzo-soprano solo/mixed chorus/organ]
The Beatitudes [hohe (mittlere) Singstimme/gemischter Chor/ Orgel (Klavier)]
in Erinnerung an Hinrichsen, Walter (1907-1969)
Hymn-Anthem "On The Tune Bryn Calfaria"
"Look, Ye Saints, The Sight Is Glorious"
[gemischter Chor/Orgel (Klavier)]
Albertson, Charles Carroll (1865-1959)
The holy child [SATB/organ]
Crashaw, Richard (1613-1649)
The coming child (1969) [mixed chorus, 2 or 4 parts (SB or SATB)/with organ acc.]
Aronin, Ben (1904-1980)
Halevi, Yehudah (1074-1141)
Ode to Zion = Tsiyon ha-lo sishali (1941)
music and translation by Aronin, Ben (1904-1980)
Arr. by Max Sinzheimer:
[(medium) solo voice/piano or organ]
Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750)
Vanish now, ye gloomy shadows = BWV 202 Weichet nur, Betrübte Schatten. Wedding cantata
[soprano solo/oboe/strings/piano (organ or harpsichord) (bassoon ad lib)]
English version by Max Sinzheimer
Billings, William (1746-1800)
An Anthem for Thanksgiving (1964)
[SATB/Klavier o. Orgel]
based on Psalm 148/Continental harmony (1794)
Bearbeiter: Max Sinzheimer
[solo voices (SATB)/mixed chorus (SATB)/organ]
Herrmann, Hugo (1896-1967)
op 80 Johannes-Oratorium "Jesus und seine Jünger"
Klavierauszug vom Komponisten
English adaptation by Max Sinzheimer (1956)
Imber, Naftali Herz (1856-1909)
Aronin, Ben (1904-1980)
Hatikvah (1949) = The hope
words and music by Imber, Naftali Herz (1856-1909)
English translation by Aronin, Ben (1904-1980)
arr. by M. Sinzheimer
Owen, William (1814-1893)
Kelly, Thomas (1769-1854)
Look, ye Saints, the Sight is glorious (1965)
[mixed voices/organ (piano)]
Hymn anthem on the tune Bryn Calfaria
Twelve hymn preludes and improvisations (1967)
Intrada and ostinato jubilante (1976) [organ]
"On the threefold amen"
in: Preludes and postludes. volume 4, Free Postludes
Rossi, Salamone (~1570-~1630)
Sinfonia (1968)
transcribed for organ by Max Sinzheimer
Piano "plus" 
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