Nur die Kunst und die Wissenschaft erhöhen den Menschen bis zur Gottheit.
... Wahre Kunst bleibt unvergänglich.
 (Beethoven, 1770-1827)

Reizenstein, Franz Theodor

*1911/6/7 @ D - Nürnberg
†1968/10/15 @ GB - London

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Biographisches etc.:

Werkverzeichnis(se) etc.:

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett (1806-1861)
op 36 Five Sonnets of Elizabeth Barrett Browning
op 6 Suite
op 14 Impromptu
op 15 (o. 14) Ballet Suite (arr. P. Martin)
op 17 Intermezzo
op 19 Piano Sonata 1 in B major
op 21 Scherzo in A major
op 24 Legend
op 26 Scherzo Fantastique
op 32 Twelve Preludes & Fugues
op 40 Piano Sonata 2 in A flat major
op 41 Zodiac
Five Imaginative Pieces
1 Glittering Gates
2 If I Were King
3 A Stately Procession
4 Dusky Woods
5 Over the Hills
Five Modern Pieces
1 Secret Story
2 Little Fugue in 3 Parts
3 Siciliana
4 Victory
5 Toccatina
Musical Box
Seven Children's Piano Pieces
1 The First Snowdrop
2 Cello and Violin
3 A Swing Song
4 An Echo Tune
5 A Walking Tune
6 Study in Accidentals
7 Cunning Fox
Study in Irregular Rhythms
Three short stories
1 Sad Story
2 Gay Story
3 Exciting Story
Variations on The Lambeth Walk
op 27 & 33 Arnold, Malcolm (comp.)
English Dances Sets 1 & 2
(arr. for piano duet by Reizenstein, F.)
[piano duet]
Piano "plus" 
op 6a Three Pieces from the Suite for Piano
op 7 Elegy [cello/piano]
op 10 Three Concert Pieces [oboe/piano]
op 11 Sonatina [oboe/piano]
op 12 Prologue, Variations and Finale
op 13 Partita [flute (or treble recorder)/piano]
op 16 Concerto in G major [piano/orchestra]
op 18 Cantilene [cello/piano]
op 20 Sonata in G sharp major
op 22 Sonata in A major [cello/piano]
op 23 Quintet [piano/string quartet]
op 25 Trio in A major [flute/oboe/piano]
op 33 Fantasia Concertante [violin/piano]
op 34 Trio in One Movement [violin/cello/piano]
op 37 Concerto 2 in F major
[2 pianos 4 hands/orchestra]
op 42 Concert Fantasy [viola/piano]
op 47 Arabesques [clarinet/piano]
op 48 Sonatina in B flat major [clarinet/piano]
op 2 Theme, Variations & Fugue
[clarinet/string quartet]
op 5 Wind Quintet
op 8 Cello Concerto [cello/orchestra]
op 9 Divertimento [string quartet]
op 12a Prologue, Variations and Finale
op 13b Partita [recorder/string orchestra]
op 27 Christopher Hassall (comp.)
Voices of Night (Cantata)
[soprano solo/baritone solo/mixed chorus/orchestra]
op 28 Concert Overture "Cyrano de Bergerac"
op 29 Serenade in F major
[9 wind instruments/double bass]
op 29a Serenade in F major
[small orchestra]
op 31 Concerto in G major
op 35 Christopher Hassall (comp.)
Genesis (Oratorio)
[soprano solo/baritone solo/mixed chorus/orchestra]
op 38 Duo [oboe/clarinet]
op 39 Trio [flute/clarinet/bassoon]
op 43 Concerto [string orchestra]
op 44 Sonata [cello]
op 45 Sonata [viola]
op 46 Sonata [violin]
A Jolly Overture [small orchestra]
Capriccio [small orchestra]
Concerto Popolare / / /
Let's Fake an Opera (The Tales Of Hoffnung)
- Here are the Girls (Master, Apprentices)
- I'm Azucena, Who could be plainer? (Azucena)
- I see by daylight dawning (Beckmesse, Azucena)
- Nie sollst du mich efragen (Otello, Salome)
- Daughter of heaven (Otello, Salome, Fidelio)
- I'm in search of a man (Brünnhilde)
- O schöne Mélisande (Beckmesser, Don Giovanni, Brünnhilde, Manrico, Nadir, Mélisande, Chorus)
- I'm Escamillo (Escamillo, All)
[Mann, William - lyricist]